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Pigna was founded in 1839 in Alzano Lombardo, near Bergamo, by Paolo Pigna and his family. Today, after 180 years, the Pigna site is still there. The mission, right from the start, has been to create the best Made in Italy notebooks for students and workers as well. Even before the coming of television and advertising, Pigna notebooks contributed to the literacy of Italy and entered the collective notional of Italians, thanks to the graphics and design of their covers. Since the ’50s, Pigna has expanded its product range to include pencil cases, planners and now backpacks and colored pens aimed to children. Today Pigna is a leading brand in Made in Italy stationery with a vision in motivating people, from children to adults, to rediscover, express and tell their uniqueness. Everyday.

historical photos

PdiPigna is

Being timeless.
But never outside of time.

Loving the touch.
Only if it’s human.

Doing one thing at a time.
And doing it well.

Writing by looking inside ourselves.
To better interpret the world.

Being moved by words.
And sharing them.

Caring, even about commas.
Beauty is in the details.

Never erasing mistakes.
Because errors too are life.

Finding happiness between the lines.
Our own lines.

PdiPigna Values

Self Expression

Since 1839, the history of Pigna has been an Italian story made up of people, families and generations who have grown up, learned and expressed themselves on the sheets of our notebooks.
Regaining possession of time, new rhythms
PdiPigna welcomes and accompanies the desire to create new relationships and more sustainable rhythms, regaining the time to talk about oneself and rediscovering the pleasure of narration as a mirror.

Slow Writing

An invitation to rediscover the pleasure of ordering one’s thoughts and reconnecting with the most authentic emotions. In the era of hyper-digitalization, we want to put ourselves and the pleasure of physical and sensory experiences back at the center.
ItalianTypes notebooks and panners are made with natural paper produced with recycled, ecocompatible and FSC® certified organic cotton fibers.

PdiPigna notebook paper is produced with raw materials from forests managed in a correct and responsible way, according to the severe standards of the international FSC certification. The FSC trademark protects and safeguards the environment. FSC is a NGO that includes among its members NGOs and environmental groups (WWF, Greenpeace), social (National Aboriginal Forestry Association of Canada) and forest owners.